Sun is shining, birds are chirping…

#loveygirl #nofilter #nomakeup
#loveygirl #nofilter #nomakeup

I actually only hit snooze twice this morning which is no small feat for me because…

a.) i love sleep

b.) it’s my day off from work

c.) i have Lovey Girl nestled beside me

In fact, as I type this, little feet are kicking my arms. And with that I’d like to introduce you to my Lovey Girl. My 7 month old cupie doll, who smiles all the time and is my calming force. She’s our first, and may be our last, we haven’t decided yet. But she definitely brightens my day, even when the sun’s not shining. Even when she’s trying to rip out my tattered iPad cord, which is now.

ubhkhgkmybk. C bn. T. M f cc.  <—- this is her two cents

Until next time!