Spring Playlist


Spring is a time to be on the move: Spring Training, Spring Cleaning, Spring Break….no matter which of these is an event in your life, one fact remains the same. You need a good playlist to get ish done.

Depending on who you ask, my taste in music is the bomb (if you ask me) or just plain weird (if you ask my husband). At the very least, I hope you come across a song that makes you say “wow I haven’t heard that in forever” or “hey I’ve never heard that song before, I really like it”. I will also accept “this chick has a really awesome taste in music”. No pressure. 

  Comment below and tell me what’s on your current playlist!

Did you find any songs here that are favorites? 

Any songs here that are now in your rotation? 

Did I miss any that are must haves? 

I’d love your feedback!